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Soul Knowledge: What You Need To Know Now!

No matter who you are or where you have been in your life everyone has a right to ascend and reach spiritual enlightenment. Come learn about soul knowledge, awakening & ascension...allow me to be the bearer of light for you and help you in unlocking the many occult mysteries of life and spirit.

I have been talking to angels for a very long time and I have constant communications with them they have taught me so much about life and humanity in general and have told me themselves that I am a Starseed, Starseeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions, we have come to earth to help and serve others as well as the planet herself. Allow me to share with you my gifts of healing, channeling and spiritual education.

After that message from the ascended masters I began to help as many people as I possibly could I have found that I find joy in helping humanity achieve a better understanding of the world around them, we are in very dark times these days and there are many souls seeking answers to everything that is going on around them.

Should you worry about the apocalypse? what about redemption? does GOD hear you when you pray? how does one reach ascension? the times we are living in can be very confusing allow me to help you find the light and understand it all...you to can reach ascension and spiritual awareness.

Connect to other worlds and entities now!...Do you want to know what else lies beyond our skies and in other dimensions? do you want to meet your guide? answer to all these questions and more, 17+ Years experience in spiritual counseling I want to help YOU figure it all out, no matter the question, the confession or what you have done or where you have been...unconditional love is key in reaching the evolutionary process.

I have had many encounters and realizations in my life and I want to help you see just how vast the universe is, the knowledge I share with you is infinite and beautiful allow me help you reconnect with the Christ consciousness and show you just how beautiful the human soul really is when connected to Christ consciousness, learn the true laws, the universal laws, and learn what your ancestors from the stars want you to learn...What is the Galactic Federation Of Light? What Is The Ashtar Command? Who are the Pleiadians? What Is Your Role On Earth?

Life is a cycle and when we learn what we are meant to learn in this life we will move on to a more advanced state of existence and then we will begin the learning process all over again, Can you learn to universally love? What really happens when you ascend? Learn about the earths current transition into the 4th and 5th dimension also known as The Age Of Aquarius.

I will share with you this knowledge and personal experiences communicating with angels and other entities plus much more...allow me to help you understand the soul and its journey through life past and present, where do human souls originate from? what is Christ Consciousness? Do angels really intervene? What truly happens to the soul upon departure from planet earth?...Are you ready? stop guessing and learn the truth.

I have been working as a spiritual adviser for many years helping those who are lost I have a special connection to those from above and have helped many find the light again and I also specialize in spiritual therapy. It is not only time for you to change your life but it is time to make inner change, the most important change of all.

Love Light And Blessings

Akashic Connections